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Since 1994, Advance Orthotic & Prosthetic Services has provided patients with high-quality custom orthotics and prosthetics. We fully staffed locations at Auburn and Brunswick, ME, but serve patients throughout Central and Southern Maine. We’re proud of the work we do by offering quick-fitting or custom-fabricated orthotics and prosthetics, which helps our patients live comfortable and to the fullest. Stop in today for the customized, individualized care you deserve.

David, thank you for fixing my braces. You did a nice job and are a fast worker!


David, I just wanted to thank you for my new orthotics. They are very supportive and have helped me a lot with my Maine Adaptive sports, especially rock climbing and snow shoeing. They feel great and look really nice!


Hey David, I just wanted to thank you for the great job that you did on A.P.'s braces. I think the inner booty is really helping and he is being held in a great position. You really did a nice job. I appreciate you listening to my concerns as the PT and that you were able to address everything that I wanted and still keep him happy and comfortable in the braces. Thanks again! Really nice work!


My new AFOs (braces) that I got from Advance Orthotic Prosthetic feel better than my old ones from another company and I can walk much better and stand up taller.

Arown Purcell, Lewiston, Maine

David, in my opinion, is a miracle worker. I suffered for 7 years with another provider, after 3 days with Davids expertise, I was walking painlessly. David has provided orthotics to me for many years. Thank you for making my quality of life enjoyable!

Thomas Hudak, Freeport, Maine

Please allow this letter to serve as a note of appreciation for the remarkable attention and medical assistance I have received at your facility. Mr. Randall Shaw, BOCO, R.T.,R has "gone way above the call of duty" and I am greatly appreciative of the sincere, professional approach Mr. Shaw has taken.

Todd Park Merolla, Southport, Maine

I would like to thank Randy and the folks at AOPS for their great service. I have had problems with my knees for several years now, but the problems have greatly worsened over the past few months. I have tired exercise, physical therapy and have even had surgery, all to no avail. Being in my early 40's, total knee replacement was out of the question. I saw Randy in March 2011 and was fit with an Unloader brace for my left knee. In a matter of just a few weeks, my knee pain was almost gone. I then went back for fit of a brace for my right knee and now feel like a new man. The Unloader braces are a life saver for me! I would highly recommend the Unloader braces for patients with degenerative arthritis. Thank you Randy!

Stephen W.

I am a hard, fast skier and a procrastinator. After talking with the ski shop guy that fit my boots, I called AOPS in a panic. I was leaving for a big ski trip and needed custom foot beds for my new ski boots. Dave stayed after hours to help me. I had a great time! (My feet were happy!)


I had severe ankle pain for several years.My orthopedic doctor recommended that I visit with AOPS to discuss getting a "brace". They were very patient and explained every step in fabricating MY brace. I have had such relief since receiving it that I requested the doctor to have them fabricate one for the other leg. I am now pain free! Thank you, AOPS!

Rachel - Oxford, ME

I am a school teacher which makes it difficult for appointments. Their office (AOPS) was very accommodating to my needs. The orthotist was willing to extend his hours for my schedule. I found them easy to work with and the results were great.


My experience at AOPS was great! My anxiety was growing prior to my appointment. The friendly, helpful lady at the front window assisted me with all my questions. Insurance is SO confusing!

Elderly woman - Lewiston, ME

I stopped by to say this is the best my feet have been since 1996 when I was in the accident. I am able to stand pain-free for longer periods of time!


Thank you so much for returning my old shoes. I wanted to let you all know that the new ones are so wonderful that, in the few days I've had them, my ulcer has stopped progressing. That's GREAT. It might even heal...I hope, I hope! Thanks to all of you for such wonderful and fast service.

Mary - Arundel, ME

Thank you all for the delivery of my three pairs of sandals and the excellent workmanship that went into them. David is truly a pleasure to work with!

Debra - Sanford, ME

I can't believe what a difference a new brace makes! I am so much steadier on my feet and only use my cane occasionally around the house. David sure did a great job!

Sylvia - Oquinquit, ME

Hi David,

You're awesome, and I thought you should know it. Thank you for all your help and support with Jordan's orthotics! These supports will really make a difference in the way she sees the world. :)

Jenny & Jordan

In early 2015, I was injured with a broken leg and a dislocated ankle. For the next four years the ankle became an ever increasing problem. In early 2019, I finally had enough of the 2015 surgeon not taking my complaints seriously. I went to another doctor, who sent me to Advance Orthotic & Prosthetic Service, Inc. I was seen by David Johnson. The doctor had ordered a brace for the ankle but right away David determined that my tendon was so stretched and my pronation so great that I really needed orthotics. He got that cleared by the doctor and took precise measurements and angles to treat the problem while giving me the correct alignment for my knees, hips, and back. By the time I had my first visit with David, I was experiencing neuropathy pain in the foot attached to the bad ankle. The orthotics made by David are a life saver. Right from the moment I first put them on it was obvious that he had nailed the problem and solution. The neuropathy soon disappeared. I’ve been wearing the orthotics now for two months and love them. He has made it possible for me to do things not done for the previous four years. I’m back to hiking, something I thought was gone forever. I told him he should be practicing medicine. I would rate Advance Orthotics & Prosthetic Services, Inc. as a 10 out of a possible 10. The office crew is very professional and helpful. I cant praise David Johnson enough for what he has done for me. I have never been treated by anyone but Johnson, but fully expect that all of their staff is great. I highly recommend this company. -Dwight M.